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Uh Oh . . . it’s Vacation Time Again

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My Mom’s a Virgo. Her birthday comes right after I no longer meet kids on my morning walk. It’s not that I mind that she’s a year older, but my Dad likes to give her a trip to Hawaii to celebrate. What that means to me is two weeks of — not much fun! Don’t get me wrong, I like the folks at Santa Rosa Veterinary Hospital where I stay, but like Dorothy says in the Wizard of  OZ–there’s no place like home. So for you folks that absolutely must go on vacation without your trusted greyhound–here are some pointers.

  • Always keep your identification tags on your dogs day collar. Most rescue organizations provide 1-800-dogtags at adoption. This is a number anyone can use to find a dog’s owner, if one of us gets away.
  • Always list your cell phone number on a separate name tag. Some folks embroider their dog’s name and their cell phone number on a collar. More than likely you’ll have your cell phone with you on vacation.
  • Always leave a list of greyhound advocates to call in an emergency with your pet sitter. We run far and fast when scared and a search team connections can save our lives.
  • Always provide instructions to your pet sitter about emergency medical care. Leave information about and for your veterinarian. Arrange for payment before you go and be clear about medication dosages.

I’m fortunate to stay at my doctor’s hospital while my parents are away. They don’t worry and I don’t worry much. If you hire a pet sitter, be sure your dog spends some time alone with him or her before you go. Remember, we depend on you and we don’t know them.



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