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Jesse’s Hot Air Balloon Phobia

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Hot air balloon rides are synonymous with good times in Sonoma County’s wine country.   In good weather, the colorful rides hover above our neighborhood with baskets full of waving tourists.  I enjoy the spectacle.  Jesse, on the other hand is sure that these tranquil visitors, with their intermittent roars, are on a search and destroy mission. They’re target? Any unsuspecting greyhound.  More specifically a bridle-colored hound named Jesse. 

One crystal clear morning in June we hooked Jesse’s leash for a leisurely stroll to Keiser Park, home of the Windsor Hot Air Balloon Classic.  Our walk began innocently enough, with at least ten light and bright balloons overhead. Jesse peeked up at them, but sniffing and peeing took priority. We turned into the event, just as the “black demon” balloon from Mordor descended, hissing and hovering, ready to eat its prey: Jesse. A yelp, a shiver, and a tail between legs maneuver brought our walk to a standstill.  It took both of us to push-pull Jesse back out to the street. Once there, the pull reversed as one terrified greyhound dragged us home.

Needless to say, Jesse can now ”feel” a balloon before it appears in the sky. If inside, he huddles in the farthest corner from the windows, as if an air raid siren had blown. If outside, the push-pull routine ensues until he’s safe inside again. My question for the day is: “Has anyone had any luck curing a trauma this deep, in an affected greyhound?

I’ve started this blog in hopes that it will become an informational resource for racing greyhound adopters. Specifically for those of us with a problem hound that has deep seeded behavioral aberrations. So, if you can help me with Jesse’s hot air balloon phobia, maybe I can help you find a solution, or at least support for a challenge you and your dog face. What do you think?

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