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How to Train a Fear-Aggressive Greyhound

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• Keep a daily log. List the time, location, and circumstances of each positive and negative behavior. Note specific triggers that cause aggressive behavior. Also note the successes you have each day. Within a week you’ll see patterns form. As things get better—and they will—you’ll see what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Note with pride your accomplishments, but learn from your mistakes.

• Strive to be consistent in your approach. Fearful dogs benefit from routine. It makes them feel safe, and good behavior follows.

• Have a full health evaluation and medical checkup. Thyroidal imbalances may contribute to instability. A full blood screening will rule out underlying medical problems.

• Take walks at least twice a day. Practice the basic commands of “heel,” leave it,” “stay,” and “free.”

• Teach new behaviors, then correct mistakes once the dog understands what’s expected.

• Choose your corrections carefully.

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