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How to Detect Separation Anxiety

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• Symptoms related to Separation Anxiety are obvious. At the dog tracks, greyhounds are rarely alone and thus have no experience with isolation. The most obvious symptom, and most common problem, is destructive behavior whenever left home alone. Owners may return to find furniture and household items chewed and destroyed.

• Anxious greyhounds will especially target specific personal items belonging to their owners. Socks, eyeglasses, books, papers, and shoes are favorites because they often carry more of the owner’s scent.

• Barriers, such as windows, doors, and gates, frustrate anxious greyhounds. They can see where they want to go; they just can’t get there, so they try to create their own escape routes. Door jambs are targeted and destroyed in an attempt to chew though a wall. A persistent dog will chew holes through gates, fences, and screens, sometimes doing serious damage to mouth and teeth.

• Loud noise from thunderstorms, airplanes, and traffic can exacerbate their anxiety and barrier frustration.

• Less destructive behavior may include constant licking, loss of appetite, and house soiling.

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