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Dog Leader Mysteries

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A fellow member of Redwood Writers Deborah Taylor-French, has an informative and beautifully presented website and blog: Dog Leader Mysteries As a writer, Deborah shares her love of children, mystery writing and dogs in one unique package. In her latest post she asks:

Friendship? What Matters to Dogs?

The question haunted Jesse and me as we lingered at our favorite bush–the local newsstand, a place to rest and determine who’s been by lately. That’s Petey, the Bull Terrier, he’s friendly and smart. And Patty, the Poodle, I love the way her perfume lingers.  And Butch the Chihuahua–I’m afraid of him–he’s nippy.

As Jesse checked the dog statistics, I thought about a recent friendship gone awry. What would I do without this person in my life? Is any argument worth losing love? I think not.  I’ll give a sniff and a wag and all will be good again in our world.

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