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Another Rough Day In Paradise

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I came home from a long hard walk yesterday to contemplate the meaning of life. As I pondered my existance, I reflected on my first day in my new home and how my parents could have been better prepared.  

Checklist for a Fresh Start in a New Home 

  • Be prepared. Have everything in place before you bring your dog home. Your dog will adjust most easily if introduced to a routine the moment he enters your home. He will sense that you are in charge. Have a kennel ready and placed in a quiet area, but not separate from the family. Remember you are now your greyhound’s pack and alpha dog. Proper socialization is not possible in isolation.  
  • Begin basic training immediately. And be patient.
  • Housebreaking is rarely necessary, and at night the kennel is especially useful for few dogs will soil their sleeping area. During the day take your dog out frequently. Lead him to your preferred toilet area. If you have a fenced yard, go out with your dog and stay until he relieves himself. Offer praise when he relieves himself where you want him to. If you live in an apartment, make frequent trips outside to show the dog when and where to go.
  • Establish an exercise routine. A tired dog is a good dog. Contrary to popular belief, greyhounds do not need to run everyday to be fit and happy. In fact, they should never be allowed to run free except in a fully fenced arena. A good long walk is sufficient for most dogs. If you have a six-foot-high fence around your yard, by all means let your dog enjoy a romp. Keep in mind that greyhounds know only warp speed. Be sure any dog-run is solid and stable, free of holes and debris. One slip, twist, or fall could spell disaster.

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